Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Final Moments and the Hurdle!

Here we are people, the final phase of our impending rebirth of the nation free from the grasp of (mis)leaders who have blindfolded the people and led them through a divisive path that has now reached a chronic stage.

A nation once united at independence half a century ago, dismantled and to our dismay made to believe all the cosmetic development and celebrations we had all these years were a sign of unity whereas in reality there is a strong undercurrent of divisive forces at work.

All these hatred seeds planted through various policies and preferential treatment with no bounds is now surfacing in the most illicit way possible.

The intention was good, the implementation however was hijacked to favor the selected few who have used these privileges extensively to enrich themselves.

Now, we are at the crossroads, to seek and to rectify what we have done wrong, where we have gone wrong, the policies, the mind set and the education system that contributed to this scenario.

Will it happen peacefully and with a realization by all Malaysians that the change indeed will be a blessing and not a curse?

That is something we have to pray and hope will be at the discretion of the leaders of change to convince and proceed with caution so as not to upset the balance.

People are always not susceptible to change, moreover if the change gives them the impression that they are on the losing side.

This I believe is what is currently hampering the efforts by the leaders of change in bringing about the much anticipated change to happen.

This is clearly portrayed by some misled students whom protested against an idea that was meant to enrich their experience to the extent they behave as though their entire life and that of the community they belong to was at stake. Some even went to the extent of declaring it as the final barrier to PROTECT their survival.

Is that justified? is that the future that will ensure your survival? Please take a moment to ponder on that thought?

We are now at the brinks of the moment where a definite change is in sight. We hope to undo all the damages of the misleading policies, education system, implementation and misappropriation of the numerous resources this nation has to offer.

So let's embrace the changes that is forthcoming in two weeks or so with an open heart and open mind.

I would say that is the best option we have available to return our nation back to glory in its true sense.

Have your say, share your viewpoint on Malaysian Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell,

Can you stop doing cheap advertisement in MT. Your article sucks. It doesnt give new knowledge to what that is already been known.

Who doesn't know how to rewrite a story? It's so dull and unimaginative

Go get a life instead or you can hunt down Saiful and update us his daily activity. Then, I myself would visit this webpage everyday


rayfire said...

Thanks Inspiron for the inspiring comment, I didn't mean to give cheap publicity and the article is not something that was doen through research or something, it is something that came from my heart.
Sorry to disappoint you with dull and unimaginative contents therein.

Perhaps you could give some tips on how to come up with well written articles by showing some of yours and giving me access to them.

As adviced, I will stop putting "cheap ads" anyway this thoughts that I pour out to my blog is for my own satisfaction.

So let it be! Thanks for your fruitful advice.

I do hope however that you are one of those Malaysians who cares and looks forward to a positive change for all Malaysians alike.

Have a nice day! ;)